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Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling functions. When they’re cooling your St. Petersburg, FL, area home, they also dehumidify your home’s air. The warm air in your home holds a lot of moisture, and as the heat pump cools the air, the moisture condenses into water. The heat pump’s condensate line plays a key role in draining the water out of your home. Keep in mind these three reasons why you should regularly check your condensate line.

Improve Humidity Control

Algae and other muck build up in the condensate pipe year-round but especially during the summertime. According to the Department of Energy, this could obstruct the pipe, hindering the drainage of water. Cleaning out the condensate line with a long, thin stiff-bristled brush removes the obstruction. When the water can freely flow through the condensate pipe our of the home, there is better humidity control.

Prevent Heat Pump Problems

An obstructed condensate pipe or drain valve could result in water pooling in the heat pump’s drain pan. If too much water builds up, it could damage the air handler’s motor, wiring and coils. It could very well cause your heat pump to stop working. Ensuring that the water can drain out of the condensate pipe prevents any damage to your heat pump. Our technicians clean the condensate pipe, trap and valve during your spring and autumn heat pump maintenance visits. This helps you avoid costly heat pump repairs and frustrating disruptions to your indoor comfort.

Increase Indoor Air Quality

During the summertime, water constantly drips into the condensate pipe. The warm, dark and wet environment promotes algae and biologic growth. That growth could move into the drain pan and air handler, releasing spores that get blown into the ducts. Regularly cleaning and sanitizing the condensate pipe eliminates this growth, which improves your home’s indoor air quality.

For more tips about the importance of checking your condensate pipe, check out Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating’s heat pump repair services, or call us for an appointment.

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