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Residents of Tampa, FL, who use heat pumps probably know them as quiet and reliable systems. That means any loud noise that suddenly comes from one will almost surely have a jarring effect. To solve the problems underlying strange sounds, however, you need to know what might be causing them in the first place. Here are a few noises you might hear your heat pump make and what those noises mean.

Gurgling or Hissing

If refrigerant leaks out of a hole in one of your heat pump’s refrigerant lines, it’s common for air to enter into that hole. As a consequence, air bubbles will form in your system and produce a pronounced gurgling noise.

You may also hear a hissing noise when gaseous refrigerant leaks out through one of those holes. Though that’s not the only possible explanation for such a noise. Heat pumps may also start hissing if they have a busted reversing valve or some sort of air pressure issue. If dirty air filters block airflow or one of the system’s blowers fails, you might hear hissing.

These facts underline how crucial it is to provide your system with regular maintenance. A technician can both restore airflow and refill your system with refrigerant. Never attempt to do the latter on your own.

Banging or Rattling

One of the most frequent causes of banging or rattling noises in heat pumps is some sort of loose part. This may be something as simple as a nut or a screw, or there may be a loose fan blade. It’s also possible that a block of ice has formed in the system, and one of the fans has begun repeatedly striking it.


If your heat pump starts buzzing, the issue may be with its contactors or its solenoid valve. Its evaporator or condenser coils may not be working either.

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