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Is your Tampa, FL, AC prone to freezing? The last thing you want is for it to malfunction on the hottest day of the year. In this post, you’ll learn more about why an air conditioner can become frozen and when to call for AC repairs.

Blocked Airflow

Humidity is your air conditioner coils’ nemesis. When humidity settles on the coils, they freeze, making it impossible for your AC to generate cool air. Air conditioners combat humidity by ensuring airflow remains constant to never give the coils a chance to freeze.

Replacing the filters regularly is one of the best ways to sidestep airflow problems. Additionally, replacing them can improve your HVAC equipment’s efficiency. If your coils freeze because of a clogged filter, turn off your cooling system, give it time to defrost, replace the air filter, and turn it back on.

Mechanical Issues

Air conditioners are complex machines that have many moving parts that might break or get stuck from time to time. If a fan stops moving, a refrigerant line gets blocked, or leaks, a drop in pressure can happen. The other side effect is that the refrigerant might get too cold. Your AC system needs refrigerant to stay at precise, even levels to ensure proper temperature regulation and prevent coils from freezing over.

A frozen AC can be very frustrating to say the least. It can cause lasting damage that affects the system’s longevity. Mechanical issues aren’t something you can fix yourself. You need timely repairs by an experienced HVAC company.

If your AC is on the fritz, reach out to the qualified service techs at Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ll set up a complimentary estimate and have a team member drop by your home to diagnose your cooling problem. Our team will do their best to remedy the situation and provide you with outstanding customer service.

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