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If your current Air Conditioning and Heating system is more than 15 years old, a new heat pump installation could lower your heating and air conditioning bills anywhere from 20 to 40%. St. Petersburg, FL homeowners can take advantage of high-efficiency systems featuring variable speed motors and 2-stage compressors to save energy and money.

Advantages of New Heat Pump Technology

Over the past 20 years, engineers have used new technologies to create heating and cooling systems that run at variable levels between 30 and 100%. These energy-saving features can pump up your comfort while lowering your costs.

  • Operating Noise: Two-speed heat pumps are remarkably quiet. Thanks to improved equipment insulation, these systems achieve sound ratings below 60 decibels.
  • Humidity Control: High humidity is one of the few downsides of living on the Gulf Coast. By slowing the airflow and extending the cooling cycles, 2-stage heat pumps remove significantly more humidity, which can improve your indoor air quality.
  • Temperature Control: Multi-stage heat pumps deliver moderate heating and cooling output, which minimizes temperature swings. Some systems can control the temperature down to a fraction of a degree.

What to Look for When Selecting a Heat Pump

One of the easiest ways to compare heat pumps is by evaluating the product’s efficiency profile. Because heat pumps perform two jobs, they have separate ratings for heating and cooling.

  • SEER scores range from 14 to 16 for single-stage heat pumps. Systems with 2-stage compressors and variable speed motors may have ratings in the upper teens or lower 20s.
  • HSPF ratings measure the system’s wintertime performance. The mandatory minimum is 8.3, and ratings go up to 12 for top-of-the-line systems.

Today’s heat pumps are more efficient than ever, and they’re packed with technology that can lower your energy bills year after year. If you have questions or if you’d like to request an estimate for a heat pump installation, call Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating at 813-758-4044.

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