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Most people spend a lot of time sleeping, and their quality of sleep can affect their overall mood and health. Your HVAC system plays a role in how well you sleep, as it can affect the temperature, humidity level, and indoor air quality. Here’s how your HVAC affects your sleeping patterns in St. Petersburg, FL.

Home Won’t Be Cool Enough

The warm weather that will soon come to the area can lead to high temperatures in the bedroom. If your air conditioner turns on when the temperature hits a certain point, you can stay cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, some HVAC systems don’t have properly calibrated thermostats and may not turn on at the right time.

Also, an HVAC system that hasn’t received proper maintenance over the years may not cool your home as effectively. The air could move inefficiently throughout your ducts, and as a result, you might not get a break from the heat.

Can’t Keep Humidity at Bay

Florida can get quite humid during the warmer months, and most air conditioners can address this issue. If your bedroom feels stuffy, that’s yet another sign your AC would benefit from a maintenance visit. You might also consider investing in products that can help improve your indoor air quality.

Reduced Air Quality

HVAC systems use filters to trap particulates and keep them from circulating, but if you have a clogged filter, the air won’t flow as well. Furthermore, an old or damaged filter may release contaminants flowing throughout your home. This could exacerbate or cause respiratory problems, making it harder to get a decent rest.

There’s no doubt that a high-quality HVAC system can help you sleep more soundly. Call us at Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating to set up an AC maintenance appointment or to discuss investing in a new air conditioner. We’ll work to ensure you stay cool and comfortable.

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