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Your ductless system provides an energy-efficient and quiet way to heat and cool your St. Petersburg, FL home. If you’re hearing strange noises coming from it, there’s a problem. The following are some of the most common noises homeowners notice when there’s an issue with their ductless system.

Hissing and Bubbling

Air bubbles can form in your refrigerant line, which causes a hissing or bubbling sound. These noises usually indicate a leak in the refrigerant line. If that leak isn’t repaired, it can eventually cause your HVAC system to break down.

Excessive moisture in your ductless system can also result in hissing and bubbling sounds. This happens when the drainage line has a hole, crack, or blockage.


When the components in your ductless system come loose and hit the framing, they’ll make a rattling sound. Wear and tear over time may loosen these parts as your system ages. These sounds can also indicate a build-up of debris on the condenser.


A buzzing or vibrating noise can result from an issue with the electrical system. This may result in higher energy usage and expensive monthly electric bills.

Buzzing can also come from a broken fan blade, a dirty condenser coil, loose components, or a faulty fan motor. Routine maintenance can help you avoid these problems.


St. Petersburg, FL, homeowners sometimes describe hearing a whooshing sound. This distinct noise pattern happens when your system goes into defrost mode and is perfectly normal. Whirring, rushing fluid, and clicking sounds are also a part of the normal operation of your ductless system.

Don’t ignore any unusual noises that may be coming from your ductless system. They’re important warning signs. Call Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating today for help with all of your ductless system issues.

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