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Few things ruin indoor comfort, like a weird smell wafting through your home every time your AC kicks on. The solution to foul odors depends on the scent. Here are the most common AC smells, what they mean, and the key to eliminating them in your Tampa, FL, home.

Solution: Air Conditioning Maintenance

You rely on your air conditioner for refreshing air throughout the year, but you should feel it, not smell it. Fortunately, HVAC maintenance is the solution for many AC smells. Here are some AC odors that our service technicians can handle with a quick service call:

  • Biological growth: Bacteria in your ductwork or air conditioner
  • Burning rubber: Broken fan belt
  • Vinegar: Dirty filter, clogged condensate pan, or drain line
  • Dirty socks(aka Dirty Sock Syndrome): Bacteria or dirt buildup on the evaporator coil, stagnant water
  • Rotten eggs: Dead rodents in your ductwork or air handler
  • Cigarette smoke: Clogged filter or dirty ductwork

Solution: Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

While maintenance takes care of most AC smells, a few need a little more attention. These odors might require a repair or replacement:

  • Exhaust fumes, paint thinner, or other chemical smells: A refrigerant leak that requires repair. However, if your AC is older, you might consider replacing it with a new system altogether.
  • Burning plastic, gunpowder: Shorted-out circuit board or fan motor, other electrical issues
  • Musty smell: Typically means a dirty AC but could also signal that your system is too big or small and isn’t properly dehumidifying your home.

You deserve to enjoy your home without unpleasant odors. If AC smells are getting in your way, call the pros at Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem and restore your comfort. From AC repairs, installations, and maintenance, there’s no comfort challenge we can’t tackle!

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