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Air balancing improves circulation, increases energy efficiency, and boosts the overall performance of your AC. As a homeowner in St. Petersburg, FL, your objective is to ensure that the right amount of air enters every room in your home.

1. Unblock AC Vents

Your air conditioning system flows circularly. It pulls air through vents, pumps it via the air ducts, and pushes it through the vents in every room. The best way to keep air flowing freely is to unblock all the vents.

2. Check Your Filters

It’s important to check your filters regularly to ensure that they’re in good condition. As time passes, your air filters will begin to clog with all types of dirt and debris. Through regular maintenance, a service technician can inspect and replace them for improved performance.

3. Find and Fix Leaks

Air leaks have the potential to change the air pressure in your home and make it difficult to move air efficiently. Leaks normally allow air to escape unexpectedly, weakening the pressure within the air vents. This causes the air to slow down. Do not attempt to fix leaks on your own. Instead, reach out to a qualified AC repair company for assistance.

4. Clean Vents

AC vents often accumulate a lot of dust and debris moving into your house. As it accumulates, the dirt can inhibit the airflow coming out of the vents. The best way to deal with this problem is to wipe down your vents periodically with a moist cloth or sponge.

5. Consider Window Coverings

Windows without shades or drapes can heat up a room much faster before even the thermostat turns on to offer relief. Installing window coverings can make a huge difference in terms of comfort level and general appeal.

Improving airflow is vital in ensuring comfort in your home. Contact Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating today for indoor air quality services.

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