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The hot and muggy weather of St. Petersburg, FL can make an air-conditioned indoor climate a welcome respite. However, when the air quality is poor in your home, occupants may experience harmful effects. Here are four of those effects.

Allergy Symptoms

Dust, pollen and pet dander are common impurities in many homes. If they are floating in your air, you and your family are breathing them in.

People with allergies may react to these substances, developing cold symptoms like coughing, headaches and a runny nose. Unfortunately, these symptoms do not disappear in a few days like viral infections do. In the worst cases, an allergic reaction can turn into an asthma attack.


People do not sleep as well in homes with indoor air quality issues. If a resident has allergies, the coughing may keep them awake. In addition, if there is uncontrolled humidity, it might be difficult to get comfortable, disrupting sleep cycles.

Whatever the cause, the resulting fatigue is the same. Affected people will have trouble focusing, slower reaction times and may feel generally unwell.

Biological Growths

In St. Petersburg, FL, biological contaminants love to grow in places where there is high humidity. Their colonies will spread quickly in a moist environment, sending spores into the air. Growing colonies cause lasting damage to cloth and wood, and the spores pose health risks such as lung infections.

Increased HVAC Expenses

Uncontrolled impurities can take a toll on your HVAC equipment. As the filter fills with contaminants, your system must work harder to push air through the ducts. The extra work increases your energy bills and leads to a shorter system life span.

Indoor air quality is a critical consideration when it comes to the comfort of your home. Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating can supply air quality solutions that will improve your indoor environment, so call us today to request an appointment.

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