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An inefficient AC system consumes more energy, breaks down often, and fails to cool your home. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your air conditioner’s efficiency to avoid these problems. Here are 3 ways you can improve your AC efficiency in St. Petersburg, FL.

1. Replace Your Air Filter Often

Indoor air can contain impurities such as pet dander, fur, pollen, and dust. These contaminants cause uncomfortable irritations such as sneezing, throat irritations, watery eyes, and headaches.

Your air conditioner has an air filter that traps these pollutants, allowing your family to breathe clean air. As more impurities accumulate on the filter, it becomes more difficult for air to pass through freely.

If you don’t change your filter often enough, your air conditioner works for a longer period, trying to pull air through the blocked filter. Regularly changing your air filter allows the system to run in cycles rather than overworking.

2. Schedule Maintenance Services

AC maintenance involves examining all of your air conditioner’s components. This way, our technicians can spot faulty, worn-out, and dirty components and attend to them.

They can also spot loose connections and fix them. By keeping your AC’s components in good working condition, our technicians ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently without consuming high amounts of energy and breaking down often.

3. Have Your Thermostat Installed in an Appropriate Location

Your thermostat has sensors that read the indoor temperatures and signal the air conditioner to regulate the temperatures to your liking. Therefore, if the thermostat is near cooling or heat-generating appliances, it’ll detect different temperatures from the rest of the house and send inaccurate signals to the air conditioner.

As a result, your air conditioner fails to meet your temperature needs. Request a technician to install your thermostat in a room whose temperatures match those in the rest of the house.

Fortunately, boosting your AC’s efficiency isn’t expensive. Call Air Bros Air Conditioning & Heating for professional air conditioning repair services whenever you need to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency.

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